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Nutritional Information


Adventurers Child Care Centre’s menu is approved by the Department of Health, Nutrition Services, and provides 2/3 of a child’s daily requirements as outlined in the Canada food Guide for Children. The menu is posted on the Parent Information Board for you to view. If your child requires supplements or special foods due to a medical condition or for religious reasons, you may be responsible for providing them. Please keep us informed about any food allergies.

Nut- Aware Facility


Adventurers Child Care Centre is a nut aware facility. For the safety of children or teachers with nut allergies, we do not allow food from home within the classrooms. If your child has had peanut butter or other nut product before coming to daycare, please make sure your child's hands and face are cleaned before entering the centre. Due to severe nut allergies we are not able to accept any nut milks (almond) as a milk alternative. We do not serve or cook with nuts or nut products, however some of the food products that we use may be labeled as processed in a facility that also processes nuts. We cannot guarantee our centre and kitchen are 100% nut free. Many baking ingredients are processed in a facility that also process nuts. If you have concerns regarding your child’s contact with nuts, please speak with the Director.

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