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At Adventurers Child Care Centre, we provide a child-centered learning experience. Our teachers spend time observing the children’s play, so they can create opportunities to enhance their experiences. Each activity is thoughtfully planned by our experienced Early Childhood Educators as they strive to provide a caring, safe, nurturing and supportive environment.



Play is an integral part of childhood and learning, every child at Adventurers Child Care is provided time and multiple materials to manipulate and create new play experiences. The children are provided opportunities to explore their environments both inside and outside. Each classroom is set up with developmentally appropriate materials to stimulate and challenge the children.

We understand that all children develop and learn at their own pace, our teachers build relationships with the children and families to better understand the individual needs of each child in their care.


Adventurers Child Care has participated in the pilot of the Nova Scotia Early Learning Curriculum Framework. We continue to take this knowledge into our daily routines and interactions with the children.  The Framework focused on the image of a child who is curious, creative, full of potential, capable and confident. The framework honors children for who they are today, and who they will become. We strongly believe in this image of a child and provide the environment and relationships to set the children up for success each day.

The Framework has been renamed: Capable, Confident & Curious: An Early Learning Curriculum Framework. More information will be available once it is officially released to all centres.

3 - 17 MONTHS



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