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The Toddler program at Adventurers Child Care Centers is designed to create a safe environment where toddlers are encouraged to learn, grow and explore using all of their senses. To enable this wonderful time of growth in toddlers, our teachers provide numerous sensory experiences each and every day.

We understand that in all of these activities there need to be social and emotional connections between the caregiver and the child. Our teachers reach out to create a bond and a trusting relationship with each child, as part of helping the child to grow as an individual. 

At Adventurers we understand that each child grows, develops and learns differently.


This is why we believe that providing a multi-sensory approach to learning is the key to meeting each individual child‘s needs. We strive to help each child to be well on their way to a successful head start in education.

We have 3 toddler classrooms at Adventurers.


7:30AM: Centre Opens

Sensory and Free Play

8:45/9:00AM: Diaper and Bathroom Routines

Tidy up Together

9:00/9:15AM: Snack

Outside Play

Music, Stories and Free Play

11:00AM: Diaper and Bathroom Routines

Tidy up Together

12:00PM: Lunch

12:30-2:30PM: Nap time and Quiet Activities

Diaper and Bathroom Routines as They Wake

Free Play and Creative Art

3:00PM: Snack

Outside Play

4:30PM: Diaper and Bathroom Routines

Free Play, Table Top Activities and Stories

5:30PM: Centre Closes

*Diaper changes are performed as needed during the day

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