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To apply for your child to attend, please book a tour of the space with our Director. During that time, you will be provided with a registration package to be filled out and returned to confirm your space. A registration fee of $120( $80 registration fee plus $40 key deposit), plus a $200 deposit which will be applied to your first months child care fees  will be required to process your registration. 



Adventurers maintains an active wait list, but spaces can open up periodically. We encourage families to apply well in advance if they are interested in joining our program. Our major intake period is September of each year Any extra available spaces will be welcomed to the waitlist first, before being posted out to the public. 


When spaces become available in the toddler or preschool classrooms, they are first offered to children who are currently enrolled in our programs. Spaces would then be offered to families on our waitlist. Children who have siblings already attending Adventurers will be given priority.


Adventurers only offers full time infant care, but part time is available for toddlers and preschoolers. Part time spaces are offered on a 2 day/week or 3 day/week set schedule. 

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